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Glasgow Funeral Plans are professional funeral directors based in the city of Glasgow, although we cover central Scotland, we also have the ability to cover the entirety of the country. The concept of Glasgow Funeral Plans (hereafter referred to as GFP) is to provide an intimate, consultative lead approach where we and our qualified Financial Advisors guide you and your family through the difficult decisions that face us all as life moves on. These are inevitably incredibly stressful times on the entire family and a large part of our remit is to provide you with sound, stable advice, advice that is suitable to you and no other client. We have a wide range of funeral services and plans (based with the leading providers of such services within the UK), all of which is designed to personally suit you and your loved ones. Our experienced and caring staff are here to guide you every step of the way, being easily contactable and willing to answer any question or queries you may have.

Planning a funeral may seem like a challenge when you’re still coping with grief, but with the right funeral directors behind you, your family will be able give your loved one the service they deserve.

Additionally, we offer professional assistance with documentation such as the drawing of Wills or Power of Attorneys, as we have a team of qualified solicitors who work in partnership with GFP, therefore if there are more complex legal issues that your family face that are out with our remit, we can simply refer you to the solicitors at hand who can move forward with whatever legal issue you may have.

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At the heart of the concept of GFP, which is the trading arm of Legacy Platforms Ltd, is to provide a comprehensive package of advice and assistance regarding later in life planning, namely funeral plans, wills, power of attorneys, family protection trusts and other financial based products such as equity release. The reality is that with most of these decisions, we do not wish to face them head on as they are understandably something that we hope never to use. However, the reality is that the vast majority of us will have to use a variety of these services. As with any decision that one makes in life, you should always obtain as much information as possible, from the best possible sources, therefore leading to the likelihood that the best and most informed decision is made on behalf of you and your family.

Funeral Arrangement services

Whether it’s to pre-arrange your own funeral, or to arrange a funeral for a loved one that has recently passed, GFP are here to help you every step of the way. Our professional staff will carefully guide you through everything you need to know and take the time to get a clear understanding of your requirements.

We want to make our funeral arrangements with you as personal as possible to ensure that everything goes exactly the way you want it to on the day. Furthermore, as we are all aware, funerals involve more than just a funeral director and the services they provide. GFP is also willing to assist our clients with services such as floral arrangements, limousine hire, cremation services and advice regarding that particular option. and so on, so that the entire day’s events are organised by one party, leaving less likelihood for error and stress, however by working intimately with one party, they understand your needs to a much greater degree. Find out more about all our Funeral Plans below.

Funeral Plans

Glasgow Funeral Plans offers you various providers and supplies you with the best plan for you and your family’s needs.


A Will can control how your property and affairs will be handled. Glasgow Funeral Plans ensure your wishes are met accordingly.

Power of Attorney

Legal document where decisions are made on your behalf if you experience circumstances where you are unable to manage your affairs.

Will Writing & Power of Attorney

Writing a will is crucial to ensure that your wishes are fulfilled after you’ve passed. Failure to create a will could have devastating financial consequences for your loved ones in the future. Take advantage of our professional will writing services to ensure that your future plans are clearly put into place, giving you and your family peace of mind. Increasingly all regulatory bodies recommend that you discuss these complex and important issues with a regulated financial advisor, which is exactly the service we provide. Indeed, it is an increasing trend that services such as wills or POA’s are sold as “add on’s” to other services such as Funeral Plans. Although some of these providers will inevitably provide a quality of service and outcome, the reality is that a document as crucial to your family’s future and welfare should in our opinion not be treated so lightly or as a “by product”. Always seek the best advice available, namely an Independent Financial Advisor.

So that the client understands the importance and purpose of a Power of Attorney document, the best analogy one could provide is that it is a “keep safe”, something that is placed away safely for the future and hopes that one never has to use. However, a common and increasing state of affairs, especially with our population growing ever older, is that family members regularly find themselves in a form of legal “minefield”, where they have an ailing relative in hospital but find themselves “handcuffed” by the state’s laws regarding either the movement of that relative from one facility to another or the ability to access their funds, despite being in the position of being the only direct relative. A POA, drawn and lodged years earlier will remove all this stress, heartbreak and additional cost, all falling upon you at the time you least need it. Instead of fighting the judicial system, having to instruct solicitors and go through lengthy, heart breaking ordeals, a POA lodged years earlier will remove all these difficulties, giving the chosen attorney or attorneys of the estate the power to make quick and relatively painless decisions. The appointed attorney can access the loved one’s funds, sell properties if required and have the loved one moved quickly to the proper facility, where they will receive the best form of care. To simplify, what can be an incredibly stressful situation at the worst possible time, is made considerably easier. Indeed, the UK Government on the UK.GOV site stated in August 2017 that a POA “is a lasting power of attorney, a powerful tool and an important choice”. Furthermore, data in 2017 shows that Powers of Attorneys have almost trebled in the last decade as people begin to realise their importance

How we operate

We have a consultation led approach with all our clients. There are no obligations or ties to the advice and assistance provided by our advisors, simply tailored solutions to some of life’s more difficult decisions.

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One of our client managers will contact you to confirm your personal information including the details of your allocated advisor.

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As Glasgow Funeral Plans provides a bespoke service, we are aware that each one of our clients circumstances are unique, which is why we help tailor fit the right plan to suit your needs.

 Family Protection Trusts

One should always seek advice on protecting your family and getting the right type of insurance, be it life insurance, home contents or car insurance. A trust is when either property or assets are held by others through an arrangement purely for the benefit of others. Glasgow Funeral Plans can help you can encase your assets in a Family Protection Trust, established in your name and for your benefit, where the beneficiaries are clearly indicated by you.

There are many benefits to you for creating a family protection trust. It’s another great way to save on costs for you and your family. Avoid the cost and delay of probate after your passing, avoid unwanted claims of your estate when you pass, protect your estate against care costs, and protection against inheritance tax.

Find out more about how Glasgow Funeral Plans can help you set up a family protection trust today.


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Helpful in every aspect with a professional approach. Extremely happy with the service provided. 5/5*

MaryFrom Glasgow

Having had problems with a company that my husband had dealt with on the phone, we spoke with Oliver at Glasgow Funeral plans , who then sent a financial advisor, John to meet with us at our home.John is very personable and easy to talk to and covered all the points which were so important to us, including Wills, funeral planning and Power of Attorney. We are now happy that we have everything in place and it has given us and our children peace of mind.

Gillian from Newton Mearns