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We are experts in handling Power of Attorneys with our one on one, free, consultative approach.
We take great care in creating a clear, comprehensive and binding P.O.A. that upon completion is lodged by ourselves with the Office of Public Guardian.


Pay for our P.O.A services with a flat rate, or monthly!
By creating and lodging your Power of Attorney now, you will avoid annually rising costs in these products. Once created and lodged your price is fixed and can never be altered.


If one does not have a P.O.A. in place it inevitably results in endeavouring to obtain one in situations of stress and imminence. Solicitors, on average can charge £200 per hour in the compilation of such a document.
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If you and your partner both require a P.O.A. as is often the case, we provide a discounted rate for both partners.
Phone Us Today for a free consultation to see how we can help you and your partner with our P.O.A Services, while also saving you money!

Professional Power Of Attorney Services in Glasgow

The costs of having a POA put into place are rising at 5.4% p.a. This means that in terms of money saving for the future, its crucial to have a reliable POA put into place now. As the years go on, the process of setting up a POA will only become more and more expensive, and could lead to potential financial problems for your family in the future.
Having just one kin in place for a POA greatly simplifies the process at the most difficult time for you and your family, which also highlights how important it is to plan early when it comes to setting up a POA.

Glasgow Funeral Plans are experts in handling Power Of Attorneys to clients in and around Glasgow. We understand how important creating a P.O.A is, and therefore take the greatest care in creating a clear, comprehensive and binding P.O.A best suited to you and your requirements.

What is a P.O.A?

A Power of Attorney is a legal document which gives authority to an individual (invariably a family member or close friend) to act/make decisions on your (the Granter) behalf. P.O.A. can help deal with both financial and/or welfare matters, and is carefully created according to your wishes.

Why Should I Have a P.O.A?

When it comes to having a P.O.A created on your behalf, it’s important to do so as soon as you can. It’s unfortunate that P.O.A’s are required during what is no doubt a difficult, testing, and stressful time for you and your family. If one does not have a P.O.A in place when needed, it can add much unneeded stress and imminence to what is already an extremely difficult situation.

On average, solicitors can charge £200 per hour to create and complete a P.O.A, adding financial strain to your situation.

At Glasgow Funeral Plans, we charge a simple, flat rate of £400 for a friendly consultation, expert advice, and the formation and lodging of your Power Of Attorney document. Additionally, if you and your partner both require a P.O.A (as is often the case), we happily provide a discounted rate of £700 for both partners. Payment plans are flexible, and secure, meaning that once your document is created and lodged, your price is fixed and can never be altered.

Start paying for your P.O.A today from as little as £33 / Month, or £1.10 per day!


What our clients think?

Having had problems with a company that my husband had dealt with on the phone, we spoke with Oliver at Glasgow Funeral plans , who then sent a financial advisor, John to meet with us at our home.John is very personable and easy to talk to and covered all the points which were so important to us, including Wills, funeral planning and Power of Attorney. We are now happy that we have everything in place and it has given us and our children peace of mind.

Gillian from Newton Mearns

Helpful in every aspect with a professional approach. Extremely happy with the service provided. 5/5*

MaryFrom Glasgow

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